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High Performance Compact Speaker

"The new 200SE continues the Ascend tradition of offering unmatched component quality and performance at affordable pricing."

With a linear frequency response and bass down to 70Hz, this compact versatile loudspeaker is the perfect solution for space limited installations. Designed for use as mains, center and/or surrounds.


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This highly versatile speaker will eliminate the typical response "hole" found in almost all compact home theater systems. This hole is caused by similar sized loudspeakers playing down to only 200Hz while the subwoofer only plays up to 100Hz, leaving a large audible gap in the in-room response. This remarkable compact speaker has accurate tight bass down to 70Hz, while also providing a smooth and linear response with exceptionally wide room filling dispersion.

Its sealed design combined with different orientation options and easy wall mounting make the HTM-200SE our most placement friendly speaker.  This speaker has become extremely popular for use as surrounds and in ATMOS systems, it also makes an exceptional main speaker when combined with a subwoofer.



  • Hand assembled, tested, and packaged in the USA!
  • Front and rear baffle edges are radiused, reducing diffraction effects.
  • Our 27mm double-chambered neodymium tweeter is custom manufactured for us by SEAS of Norway.  This highly specialized tweeter features a ferro-fluid damped voice coil, extremely low distortion, extended response, wide dispersion and high power handling.
  • (2) Proprietary 4" polygel woofers (composite fibers stabilized with an acrylic polymer-gel) provide exceptional stiffness yet is extremely lightweight and well damped, providing tight bass, accurate mids, extremely low stored energy and accurate transient reproduction.
  • Flush mounted drivers and grille mounts minimize diffraction and reduce high-frequency baffle reflections.
  • Sealed enclosure provides excellent transient response and easy room placement, ideal for wall mounting or bookshelf placement.
  • 5 way gold plated brass binding posts ensure a low resistance and secure connection to a wide variety of speaker cable connectors.
  • Dual M6 threaded inserts for trouble free and secure mounting to popular wall mount brackets.
  • Closely timbre matched to our CBM-170SE and CMT-340SE
  • Advanced dual layer crossover featuring air-core inductors and metallized polypropylene capacitors in the direct signal path.

     HTM-200SE Crossover



Typical In-Room Frequency Response 68Hz - 20kHz
Typical In-Room Sensitivity 91dB @ 2.83v / 1 meter
Nominal Impedance 8 ohms
Max Continuous Power* 200 watts
Max Short Term Peak Power* 400 watts
Cabinet Detail internally braced 5/8" MDF, magnetically shielded, acoustic suspension (sealed)
Tweeter (1) 27mm custom soft dome tweeter, double-chambered w/neodymium magnet, ferrofluid cooled voice coil, wide dispersion faceplate, manufactured by SEAS of Norway
Woofer (2) proprietary 4” long throw woofers featuring composite polygel cones, cast aluminum basket, rubber surround, vented former, magnetically shielded
Connections (2) gold plated all metal 5 way binding posts
Inserts (2) M6 threaded inserts for simple mounting to wall mount brackets
Anechoic Frequency Response 74Hz - 22kHz +/- 3dB
Anechoic Sensitivity 87dB @ 2.83v / 1 meter
Dimensions H x W x D** 11" x 6.5" x 6.375"
Speaker Weight (each) 10 pounds
Shipping Weight (pair) 21 pounds
Minimum Recommended Amplifier Power Rating for Speaker Distance to Listening Position
3 Feet or Less 2 watts minimum
9 Feet or Less 13 watts minimum
15 Feet or Less 37 watts minimum
21 Feet or More 72 watts minimum
     *Unclipped peaks      **Grille On



*All of the measurements you see below are unsmoothed and use a 5dB/division scale where appropriate. It is common for loudspeaker manufacturers to publish measurements that have been smoothed to 1/3 octave (meaning 3 graph points per each octave) and use a 10dB/division scale. This has a tendency to make the graphs look smoother than they are.

We have chosen to be different.

Quasi-Anechoic On-Axis Frequency Response @ 1 meter Unsmoothed:
HTM-200 SE Frequency Response Graph

Horizontal & Vertical Off-Axis + Listening Window @ 1 meter Unsmoothed:
HTM-200 SE Off-Axis Graph

Horizontal & Vertical Off-Axis Symmetry @ 1 meter Unsmoothed:
HTM-200 SE Symmetry Graph

Impedance + Electrical Phase:
HTM-200 SE Bode Plot

Cumulative Spectral Decay:
HTM-200 SE CSD Graph



Flat frequency response, exceptional dynamics and accurate mid-bass performance are features typically satisfied by high-end bookshelf style loudspeakers too large and expensive to be placed throughout a room for discreet home theater usage...

Problem solved... True Ascend performance in a speaker with a footprint only slightly larger than a CD jewel case.

Surprisingly deep bass response with a natural roll-off optimized to provide a seamless blend when paired with a powered subwoofer. This allows our unique speaker to be used as a step-up replacement for any of the speakers that are included in today's budget quality "home theater in a box" style systems.

Our proprietary tweeter, manufactured for us by SEAS of Norway, provides clean and airy highs with superb extension yet is smooth and non-fatiguing. Mids are clean and accurate with exceptional dynamics while retaining all the detail our loudspeakers are known for.

Do not let the price of this speaker fool you, there is nothing on the market quite like this product and we feel it deserves serious consideration as a true audiophile loudspeaker, for both music and movies.

A perfect center channel speaker: Lay the HTM-200SE on its side, place it atop your television and be prepared for an added dimension in your home theater setup. As a center channel, it provides controlled vertical dispersion and wide symmetrical horizontal dispersion so dialogue and effects are accurate regardless of listening position.

A superior front left, right, and surround channel speaker: Stand the HTM-200SE upright and it is transformed into an accurate compact monitor perfect for home theater AND two channel audio. As a left/right/surround channel it provides controlled horizontal dispersion (minimizing room boundary effects) and wide vertical dispersion for an extremely large soundstage. Perfect for discreet wall mounting!


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