Our World-Renowned Reference Monitor, Now Even Better!

"Innovation, performance, intensive quality controls and environmental-friendliness all precisely balanced in a truly unique loudspeaker."

Our new Sierra-1 V2 is a complete reimagining of our true classic, the Sierra-1. It fully represents the latest advancements in research and development to provide a passive bookshelf speaker with unmatched neutrality yet retains much of the original flavor of our beloved Sierra-1.

A true classic in every sense, the Sierra-1 V2 cements itself once again as the class leader in objective performance in the sub $1000 category. A terrific choice for the most critical audiophile or for those simply seeking to enjoy listening to lifelike home theater or gaming. The Sierra-1 V2 is also the absolute perfect speaker for nearfield listening!

Please see the wonderful review by Erin's Audio Corner!

Follow the development of the Sierra-1 V2 from beginning to end:
Sierra-1 V2 Development