ELX Series

State-Of-The-Art True Endgame Speakers

Our ELX line is the embodiment of the most advanced acoustic research, design, and analysis tools presently available. Combining that with 38 years of loudspeaker design expertise, top-of-the-line custom manufactured drivers, all new cutting-edge crossover technology, and refinement based on direct feedback compiled from tens of thousands of customers over the course of 15 years.

From the remarkably slim and compact environmentally friendly, formaldehyde-free, non-resonant 3-ply layered bamboo cabinet to a highly advanced brand new 3-way crossover topology, every aspect of the ELX has been fully optimized for performance with zero compromises.

The ELX have the power handling, efficiency and dynamics for the most demanding home theater and gaming systems, while also having the accuracy, tonal balance, directivity and spaciousness suitable for the most critical of music listeners. No need to look for a speaker designed for home theater or music, there is no source material, no matter how dynamic or subtle, that our ELX can not reproduce with exceptional accuracy and detail, yet in a smooth, highly dynamic and non-fatiguing way.

“There is no speaker being manufactured today, or likely tomorrow, regardless of price, that I would not feel comfortable putting our ELX up against.”      -D. Fabrikant

By every definition, this is a next level product, a true endgame speaker.

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