Ascend Acoustics would like to extend to you a warm welcome and a sincere thank you for browsing our site and considering our products.

First Steps:
Browse our site and review our product offerings. Read a few reviews and customer testimonials, then send us an email and experience the customer service and technical expertise we are famous for. We also encourage you to join our community as these members receive first hand information on new product releases, special promotions, news and reviews.

About Our Website:
Our site has been designed with a similar theme to the design of our products: pure performance, classic styling, and ease of use. It is a simple, easy-to-browse site loaded with detailed information and real measurements about our fine products. Please don't be fooled by our competitors' dazzling websites, you are buying loudspeakers and we are a group of audio engineering geeks, not graphic artists or marketing experts. Our products speak for themselves and for us :)

What You Will NOT Find On Our Site:

  • Digital images of extremely good looking guys and gals striking a pose designed to make you think that these people actually own the products in question or are employed by the company.  These images slow a website down, and besides, haven't you had enough of those fake smiles dealing with your typical consumer electronics retail sales associates?

  • Advertisements, promotions, or links of any kind associated with any product that we have not thoroughly tested ourselves.  We strive to offer our customers both value and quality.  If a product does not meet our rigid standards, we won't mention it no matter what the potential profit might be.

  • Pop-ups, pop-unders, rotating banner ads and the like.  Plain and simple, if we must supplement our profits by selling advertising space on our site, then our products simply don't offer the performance and value we envisioned.  Our company has grown solely due to the sale of our products and services we offer.  We are an audio company, not an "Internet" company.

What You WILL Find On Our Site:

  • Detail, detail, and more detail. We try to present as much technical information as we can think of regarding our products. You will see plenty of specifications, measurement graphs, and images. We firmly believe that anyone taking the time to shop online for consumer electronics is an educated consumer knowledgeable enough to understand and make sense of at least most of the information we present.  We believe you, the educated consumer, are well aware of the advantages our business model offers to the consumer.

  • Whenever possible, we will post customer testimonials WITH their personal email addresses.  These customers are quite pleased about their purchases and they are willing to accept inquiries from potential customers.  This is indeed a rare feature!

  • Products and accessories that we feel complement and enhance our products. These products have been fully tested by us and meet our rigid standards.  Our profit margins on these goods are extremely small (if any).  Instead, we offer these products as a service and time saver to our existing customers.  Ask any Ascend owner and they will tell you that we conduct our business with respect, honesty and integrity.  We work hard to earn our customers' trust and Ascend owners continually come to us for product upgrades, accessories and advice.  Let us EARN your trust...

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