Introducing our new V2 Tower

"The midrange on the a main event. Inner detail is fantastic even on large-ensemble recordings, and they are free from distortion and retain a hefty amount of dynamic headroom when played at spirited levels."
-Enjoy the

Combining the most advanced R&D lab equipment with sophisticated computer modeling, we have perfected a highly advanced crossover technology that we have been working on for over a decade. This new NFS optimized crossover better preserves dynamics and provides improved phase integration between the drivers.

Our new Tower V2 offers:

  • Deeper bass response and punchier mid-bass
  • Improved directivity for a more spacious presentation with a deeper and wider soundstage
  • An easier and more stable load to any amplifier or receiver
  • Considerably improved dynamics
  • Higher power handling and lower distortion levels

Equally adept at music and home theater, this speaker is extremely neutral and balanced, reproducing the source material accurately with the ability to convey a true emotional response in the listener.