* Priced per set, each set includes (1) plug "S" and (1) plug "O"

* A pair of speakers requires 2 sets

Custom Designed Port Plugs

Designed specifically for use in our Sierra-LX to allow bass tuning, these fully Made-In-USA port plugs also work well in our Sierra-1 and Sierra-2EX models.

Each set of Q-Plugs includes one plug for fully sealing the port (plug "S") and an open plug (plug "O").

Plug "S" seals the rear port and changes the low frequency roll off from 24dB/octave to 12dB/octave with a -3dB point of 70Hz.

Plug "O" dampens resonance and port noise, reduces bass output in the 50-100Hz range while increasing bass output below 40Hz.

Priced per set, 1 set per speaker, a speaker pair requires 2 sets.


100% MONEY




Achieving accurate bass response in small rooms, especially squarish rooms, or with less than optimal placement can be tricky. Placing speakers with deep bass too close to the wall behind them can also lead to boomy and unnatural sounding bass, which can often drown out the delicate mids making the speaker sound less detailed than it is.

With the aid of highly advanced analysis, we have developed 2 different port plugs to help fine tune the bass response for our rear ported Sierra line of bookshelf speakers.

Click here for the instructions: Q-Plugs



  • Made from high density acoustic foam
  • Custom tooled and waterjet cut for precision tolerances
  • 2" outside diameter
  • 3" length



Below is a comparison of the different bass tunings available when using Q-Plugs with our Sierra-LX speakers. It is always best to experiment as to which option provides the best result. Please note, if you are using any form of auto-equalization, you must re-run auto-eq when you have settled on which plug works best for your room and listening preferences.





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