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Uncompromising Performance, Our Best Value!

New Klippel NFS optimized version!

Using high resolution 360-degree measurements generated by our Klippel NFS, we have completely redesigned our highly revered CMT-340SE resulting in MAJOR improvements in every performance category. We have also given the cabinet a cleaner, more modern look, with magnetic grilles and a truly seamless design.

The level of performance these speakers provide is unmatched at anywhere near their price point, and the objective NFS measurements prove this. High efficiency, extremely low distortion even at very high volume levels, excellent in-room accuracy and neutrality, shocking dynamics and terrific midbass punch.

Our 340SE2 are THE EVERYTHING speaker, perfect for critical music listening, loud and dynamic home theater, immersive gaming - these speakers are ideal for anything and everything you could possibly throw at them. Equally adept in small to even very large rooms.

New V2 Edition... Legendary performance now even better!


100% MONEY




Our CMT-340SE has long been one of our most revered products. First introduced back in late 2002, and then later upgraded to the SE version in 2006, our 340’s have remained extremely popular with a customer satisfaction rate averaging over 99%.

It has been said by many that our 340’s are one of the best bang-for-buck products in the audio industry.  We agree.

Taking full advantage of the capabilities our Klippel NFS offers, we spent months analyzing not only the fully assembled 340SE, but deep analysis of each individual component. Our NFS was subjected to near 24/7 usage over the course of several months, logging hundreds of thousands of individual measurements. All these results were then analyzed using advanced proprietary modeling resulting in a set of parameters that would provide MAJOR performance improvements.

We are most proud to introduce our new Klippel NFS optimized CMT-340SE2

Every component of the 340SE has been optimized and redesigned for a single purpose, performance.

The original 340SE woofers were fully designed by us, from the unique cone material, damping treatment, motor system, to even the basket frame. These woofers served us well for 20 years, but analysis technology has greatly improved since then and we are now proudly and firmly at the forefront of this emerging science.

As good as the original 340SE woofers were, our analysis revealed areas where overall performance could be improved.

We were able to reduce moving mass resulting in +2dB higher efficiency and better transient accuracy. To compensate for the lighter mass, we went with a different damping treatment for the cone which provides better overall damping and stiffness, resulting in improved directivity, less cone resonance and lower distortion. Overall frequency response is smoother with improved directivity.

To match the now higher efficiency of the woofers, it was necessary to change the motor system of the original 340SE tweeter. SEAS recommended a more powerful magnet, no ferrofluid in the gap, and a slightly shorter voice coil.  The results were exceptional, the new tweeter looks the same from the front (same excellent SEAS textile dome) but this version has higher efficiency, lower distortion, a more linear frequency response and improved high frequency extension. It sounds smoother and does significantly better with complex passages compared to the previous version.

To reduce cabinet resonance, we have gone with a much higher density MDF resulting in the unassembled cabinet weighing 40% more than the previous version. We have also changed the port tuning and gone with a flush mounted flared rear port tube which results in less port noise.  While not a performance improvement, we have also gone with a cleaner more modern look with a truly seamless cabinet design combined with fully magnet grilles. The visual improvements are stunning!

Massive 14 element advanced NFS optimized crossover that just barely even fits into the cabinet. You typically see crossovers of this size and complexity in large 3- or 4-way tower speakers selling for $3K and higher.

In summary, the 340SE2 now has a sensitivity of 92dB anechoic, 96dB typical in-room.  This places it into the category of high efficiency, but without any of the drawbacks of high efficiency speakers. It is a rather unique entry. Excellent dynamics, very low distortion, wide horizontal dispersion and extreme accuracy and neutrality, optimized for an exceptionally accurate in-room response.

So how does it sound?
In a word, controlled and extremely dynamic – even at ear-shattering volume levels.  Midbass is more pronounced and punchier, mids are warmer – lusher, smoother and less in your face compared to the 340SE. Highs are more detailed and clearer with much better control.  The overall presentation is much more spacious, easier to listen to and the overall balance from lows to highs is more natural.  Vocals sound great and are not as forward, giving the 340SE2 a good sense of depth. Every performance aspect has been greatly improved aside from bass extension (which remains the same).

We designed the 340SE2 to be competitive against everything offered from our many competitors regardless of price points or category (tower, bookshelf, high efficiency, music speaker, home theater speaker etc.).  This is THE EVERYTHING speaker, terrific at everything you could ever throw at it.

We consider these speakers to offer the best bang for buck performance on the market today!



  • Hand assembled, tested, and packaged in the USA!
  • Front baffle features radiused edges which reduce negative diffraction effects.
  • Wide dispersion 27mm soft-dome chambered tweeter for smooth and accurate on- and off-axis room response. Custom manufactured for us by SEAS of Norway.
  • Real woofer phase plug linearizes and widens dispersion, improves voice coil cooling (extending woofer life) and improves airflow thereby increasing efficiency and power handling.
  • Flush mounted drivers and invisible grille mounts minimize diffraction and reduce high-frequency baffle reflections.
  • Dual proprietary 6.5" polygel woofers (composite fibers stabilized with an acrylic polymer-gel) provides exceptional stiffness yet is extremely lightweight and well damped, providing tight bass, accurate mids, extremely low stored energy and accurate transient reproduction.
  • Flared rear port tube enhances bass response and lowers distortion.
  • 5 way gold plated brass binding posts ensure low resistance and a secure connection to a wide variety of speaker cable connectors.
  • Advanced NFS optimized 14 element crossover with air-core inductors and audiophile-grade metallized polypropylene capacitors.
  • Magnetic grilles with truly invisible mounts.
  • High density, internally braced, non-resonance cabinet.      




Typical In-Room Frequency Response 45Hz - 20kHz
Typical In-Room Sensitivity 96dB @ 2.83v / 1 meter
Nominal Impedance 8 ohms
Max Continuous Power* 240 watts
Max Short Term Peak Power* 400 watts
Cabinet Detail Internally braced 3/4" high density MDF, magnetically shielded, bass reflex via rear tuned port, seamless joinery
Tweeter (1) High-definition 27mm soft dome tweeter w/damping chamber and wide roll surround, wide dispersion faceplate, custom manufactured for us by SEAS of Norway
Woofer (2) Proprietary 6.5” long throw woofers featuring composite polygel cones, real phase plug, non-resonant polymer chassis, rubber surround, vented former, magnetically shielded
Connections (2) gold plated all metal 5 way binding posts
Inserts 1/4-20 Threaded insert for securing to our TP-24 stand
Bass Extension (-6dB) 58Hz
Anechoic Frequency Response 71Hz - 22kHz +/- 3dB
Anechoic Sensitivity 92dB @ 2.83v / 1 meter
Dimensions H x W x D** 7.5" x 21" x 10.5"
Speaker Weight (each) 29 pounds
Shipping Weight (pair) 31 pounds
Minimum Recommended Amplifier Power Rating for Speaker Distance to Listening Position
3 Feet or Less 1 watt minimum
9 Feet or Less 4 watts minimum
15 Feet or Less 10 watts minimum
21 Feet or More 23 watts minimum
     *Unclipped peaks      **Grille On



* The below anechoic measurements are high-resolution full-range 360-degree scans taken with our Klippel Near Field Scanner.  A minimum of 800 individual measurements are taken to generate these advanced measurements, typically requiring a minimum of 6 hours.  These are unsmoothed and fully conform to CEA/CTA-2034 standards.

These measurements are as accurate as is currently technically possible.

Due to the costs, space requirements and complexity, very few manufacturers own or have access to a Klippel NFS, nor would they ever publish such detailed data on their products. Ascend Acoustics is and always has dared to be different.

For information regarding the CTA-2034 standard, please click here: CTA-2034

For information regarding the Klippel NFS, please click here: Klippel NFS Video and Technical Data

** All measurements below are with the speaker positioned in horizontal orientation, as is typical for center channel usage.


CMT-340SE2 Center On-Axis


CMT-340SE2 Center CEA-2034


CMT-340SE2 Center PIR


CMT-340SE2 Center Early Reflections


CMT-340SE2 Center Impedance and Phase


CMT-340SE2 Center Off-Axis PIR

*Note: Our exclusive Off-Axis Estimated In-Room Response measurement is a critical performance metric. It is an accurate comparison of the differences a listener should expect to hear sitting at different off-axis angles from the speaker; on-axis, +/- 10 degrees horizontally, +/- 20 degrees horizontally and +/- 30 degrees horizontally.

This is a modern and more accurate prediction of in-room speaker performance at different listening angles compared to a simple off-axis measurement graph. This measurement graph accounts for both direct sound and indirect sound and requires thousands of individual off-axis measurements that are then processed through complex algorithms to derive the results. In comparison, an off-axis measurement is just a single response measurement that does not account for the actual directivity of the speaker and is not representative of what we actually hear.

This measurement clearly shows excellent performance when the CMT-340SE2 is used as a center (horizontal orientation). There is less than 1dB of deviation between the different off-axis positions and this is based on accepted science determining what the listener will hear from this speaker in a typical listening environment.



An incredibly transparent and open sounding front soundstage capable of filling the most demanding rooms with clean and accurate 2 channel music or home theater.

Combine with a pair of CMT-340SE2 for a truly seamless front soundstage.

We designed the 340SE2 to be competitive against everything offered from our many competitors regardless of price points or category (tower, bookshelf, high efficiency, music speaker, home theater speaker etc.).  This is THE EVERYTHING speaker, terrific at everything you could ever throw at it. 

Common full range tower speakers have an appealing look but most sacrifice midrange and high frequency performance in order to deliver deep bass. In a quality home theater system, subwoofers are required and reproduce low frequency information far superior to 99% of all tower speakers. With a tower speaker, why pay for bass twice and sacrifice the critical midrange and high frequency performance? Our 340SE2 are the ideal solution, a new class of loudspeaker that we like to call our 'mini-tower'.

Please, DO NOT draw assumptions as to the 340SE2 performance due to its ridiculously low price. Please use the 340SE2’s excellent measurements to do any comparisons, its retail pricing is by no means a reflection of performance or component quality.

As always, we thank you for your interest!


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