Introducing our new ELX Horizon!

In development for over a decade, our ELX Horizon represents the current State-Of-The-Art of loudspeaker design. Every performance category has been fully optimized – from shockingly deep bass extension and punch, to incredible spaciousness and ideal tonal balance. Designed to compete with any speaker at any price, be that with the most demanding home theater or the most complex multi-channel music – our ELX are true endgame speakers.

Our ELX Horizon offers a breathtaking synergy such that even poor source material becomes a joy to listen to. This is a near full-range center speaker, a true breakthrough for a center at this price and size!

Midrange is exquisitely detailed yet lush and warm, highs are transparent, airy and fatigue-free, and the bass – well, you must actually listen to comprehend how deep and punchy it is. Soundstage width and depth is remarkable with a spaciousness that makes you glance around the room to see if other speakers are playing.

The dynamic capability of the ELX is hard to describe – from the softest passages to the hardest hitting – everything is reproduced with an ease and grace that continually fool the listener into believing they are at a live concert or listening to massive speakers.  From objective evaluation of the measurements to subjective listening impressions, our ELX Horizon is simply one of the best center channel speakers available at any price point.