Our New Benchmark Bookshelf Ribbon Speaker

New Klippel NFS optimized version!

Using high resolution 360-degree measurements generated by our Klippel NFS, we developed a new method of integrating our Sierra-2 RAAL ribbon with our EX woofer, greatly improving directivity and providing a more linear and appealing in-room response.

Featuring our proprietary 6" SEAS EXCEL Curv™ Woofer. With the development of this shockingly high-performance woofer, we have improved upon every aspect of our award winning Sierra-2.

Over 1.5 years in development and taking full advantage of the best transducer engineers in the business, we are excited to once again set a new performance standard. High-end tower-like speaker performance in a compact beautiful bookshelf-sized speaker.

Follow the development of the Sierra-2EX from beginning to end:
Sierra-2EX Development