Upgrade Your Sierra-2EX to Sierra-2EX V2

DIY upgrade kit to convert your Sierra-2EX to Sierra-2EX V2

Using high resolution 360-degree measurement scans generated by our Klippel NFS, we have developed a new method of integrating our Sierra-2 RAAL ribbon with our EX woofer. This new integration method greatly improves overall directivity and provides a more linear and appealing estimated in-room response.

The V2 sounds more spacious and the mids are even more detailed with an overall warmer/lusher sound. These optimizations are in the crossover only, as such upgrading from Sierra-2EX to Sierra-2EX V2 requires just changing the crossover. 

Detailed instructions are included. If you prefer not to do the work yourself, we would be happy to perform the upgrade for you. Simply give us a call or send an email for details. 

*Note: 1 kit needed for each speaker.  A pair of speakers requires 2 kits.