Uncompromising Performance, Our Best Value!

New Klippel NFS optimized version!

Using high resolution 360-degree measurements generated by our Klippel NFS, we have completely redesigned our highly revered CMT-340SE resulting in MAJOR improvements in every performance category. We have also given the cabinet a cleaner, more modern look, with magnetic grilles and a truly seamless design.

The level of performance these speakers provide is unmatched at anywhere near their price point, and the objective NFS measurements prove this. High efficiency, extremely low distortion even at very high volume levels, excellent in-room accuracy and neutrality, shocking dynamics and terrific midbass punch.

Our 340SE2 are THE EVERYTHING speaker, perfect for critical music listening, loud and dynamic home theater, immersive gaming - these speakers are ideal for anything and everything you could possibly throw at them. Equally adept in small to even very large rooms.

New V2 Edition... Legendary performance now even better!