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HTM-200 SE Intro

"I bought a pair of the HTM 200's to go with my HSU subwoofer and they are great. It's a perfect match - - the 200's are clear and bright, I'd highly recommend these speakers and can't say enough about the support staff at Ascend."-Dave F

"I am most impressed by this little center channel speaker. The transient response is incredible, the clang of metal on metal during Gladiator sword fighting is intense! Speech is very intelligible and natural sounding. I have heard many center speakers and most sounded thin and somewhat nasal compared to the HTM-200."-Ben M

HTM-200 SE SUMMARY...   
Unbelievable Performance For A Speaker This Size!
HTM-200 SE Speakers
Flat frequency response, exceptional dynamics and accurate mid-bass performance are features typically satisfied by high-end bookshelf style loudspeakers too large and expensive to be placed throughout a room for discreet home theater usage...

Problem solved... True Ascend performance in a speaker with a footprint only slightly larger than a CD jewel case.

Surprisingly deep bass response with a natural roll-off optimized to provide a seamless blend when paired with a powered subwoofer.  This allows our unique speaker to be used as a step-up replacement for any of the speakers that are included in today's budget quality "home theater in a box" style systems.

Our proprietary tweeter, manufactured for us by SEAS of Norway, provides clean and airy highs with superb extension yet is smooth and non-fatiguing. Mids are clean and accurate with exceptional dynamics while retaining all the detail our loudspeakers are known for.

Do not let the price of this speaker fool you, there is nothing on the market quite like this product and we feel it deserves serious consideration as a true audiophile loudspeaker, for both music and movies.

A perfect center channel speaker: Lay the HTM-200SE on its side, place it atop your television and be prepared for an added dimension in your home theater setup.  As a center channel, it provides controlled vertical dispersion and wide symmetrical horizontal dispersion so dialogue and effects are accurate regardless of listening position.

A superior left, right, surround channel speaker: Stand the HTM-200SE upright and it is transformed into an accurate compact monitor perfect for home theater AND two channel audio.  As a left/right/surround channel it provides controlled horizontal dispersion (minimizing room boundary effects) and wide vertical dispersion for an extremely large soundstage.  Perfect for discreet wall mounting!