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CMT-340 SEC Intro

"Lead vocals through the CMT-340c are clear and natural, and are free of mid-range honk or thinness."-Felix Martinez

"That new 340 center channel is a moose. It really makes the movie dialog come alive."-Scott F

CMT-340 SE Center Speaker The Results?

CMT-340 SE Center Speaker
One of the world's most accurate and
natural sounding center speakers!

As evidenced by this speaker's impressive measurements, which were taken with the speaker sitting atop a TV, both the on- and off-axis frequency response are exceptionally linear. Dialogue sounds upfront, natural, and clean, even when sitting off-axis.

Dynamics are startling and you'll swear that every cling of a bullet ricochet, the clang of two swords striking each other, and the impact of a fiery car crash are taking place directly in front of you, in your own living room!

With carefully controlled timbre matching and accurate sound reproduction, we have finally created a center channel worthy enough to be matched with our award-winning line of loudspeakers.