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The Results?

With bass and dynamics rivaling many floor standing loudspeakers combined with the accuracy and detail of the finest bookshelf sized loudspeakers, the Sierra-1 simply offers unparalleled performance!

Renowned Ascend performance and quality plus astonishing good looks, combined with environmental responsibility... The Sierra-1 is our crowning achievement.
Sierra-1 Speaker

In Summary, rather than talk about performance, we feel it necessary to highlight the effort involved in bringing the Sierra-1 to market. This was an intense project with many highs and lows. Being a small company where performance, support and quality are our focus, a project of this scale requiring intensive research and development combined with global partnerships seemed an impossibility at times.

We never lost focus, never looked back and 4 ½ years later we are extremely pleased to be able to offer you a loudspeaker that we feel is in a class by itself.  If the introduction of our CBM-170 sent tremors throughout the audio world nearly 8 years ago, the Sierra-1 will most certainly create large scale earthquakes.

The performance of the Sierra-1 speaks for itself and if you are the least bit curious, we encourage you to contact us or better yet, try a pair in your own home.