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*All of the measurements you see below are unsmoothed and use a 5dB/division scale where appropriate. It is common for loudspeaker manufacturers to publish measurements that have been smoothed to 1/3 octave (meaning 3 graph points per each octave) and use a 10dB/division scale. This has a tendency to make the graphs look smoother than they are.

We have chosen to be different.

For comparison purposes, if you would like to see the same on-axis frequency response graph smoothed to 1/3 octave and using a 10dB/division scale, please click here.
Quasi-Anechoic On-Axis Frequency Response @ 1 meter Unsmoothed:
Sierra-1 Frequency Response Graph
Horizontal & Vertical Off-Axis + Listening Window @ 1 meter Unsmoothed:

Sierra-1 Off-Axis Graph

Horizontal & Vertical Off-Axis Symmetry @ 1 meter Unsmoothed:
Sierra-1 Symmetry Graph
Impedance + Electrical Phase:
Sierra-1 Bode Plot
Cumulative Spectral Decay:
Sierra-1 CSD Graph
Cabinet Resonance, accelerometer attached to side baffle, 7.5v input:
Sierra-1 Cabinet Resonance Graph