HTM-200 SE Intro
Home Theater Systems

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Our goal was to build an extremely compact versatile loudspeaker that fully satisfied accurate multi-channel reproduction. A true satellite loudspeaker that, when combined with a subwoofer, would deliver a true full range response within a +/- 3dB window.

A loudspeaker far superior to the "Home Theater In A Box" style systems which typically offer mediocre performance due to the quality of the components used and low manufacturing standards due to their mass production requirements.

A simple inexpensive tweeter would not suffice so we used the same high-performance 1" soft dome tweeter used in our reference standard CBM-170SE loudspeaker.

We were unable to find a suitable woofer so we designed our own. Our audiophile-grade 4" woofer features a die-cast aluminum chassis, proprietary composite polygel cone, rubber surround and a vented pole piece. Still, one woofer did not provide the bass extension and high output levels we demanded so we elected to use two.

To provide a seamless blend between the drivers, we designed an advanced computer optimized double layer crossover. By isolating the woofers' filter section from the tweeter's, intermodulation distortion is greatly reduced, thereby improving the clarity of both the highs and lows.

Furthermore, we used only the finest crossover materials including polyester film bypass capacitors, air-core inductors, and gold plated binding posts.

HTM-200 SE
Advanced Double Layer Crossover Network