HTM-200 SE Intro
Home Theater Systems

"The highs are crisp and the lows are very good coming from a small speaker. When I turn on my sub, the total system sounds incredible!" -Dan L

"The HTM-200's are amazing with vocal clarity and solid musical quality. The center sounds amazing and much bigger than it is." -Ben B

HTM-200 SE Compact Loudspeaker High-Performance Compact Loudspeaker

"Our new 200SE continues the Ascend tradition of offering unmatched component quality and performance at affordable pricing."

With a linear frequency response and bass down to 70Hz, this compact versatile loudspeaker is the perfect solution for space limited installations. Designed for use as mains, center and surrounds.

$24 flat rate ground shipping
Assembled & tested in the USA
5 year parts & labor warranty
30-day satisfaction guarantee
HTM-200 SE w/Grille HTM-200 SE Components HTM-200 SE Size Reference HTM-200 SE Center HTM-200 SE Center w/Grille
Hand assembled and tested in the USA
New SE version featuring proprietary SEAS tweeter
New 4" long-throw cast frame polygel woofers
Controlled directivity for optimum imaging
Sealed enclosure delivers ideal transient response
Closely timbre matched to our 170 and 340 SE
High efficiency and high power handling
Capable of filling large rooms with effortless sound
Magnetically shielded
Dense internally braced MDF cabinet
Easy wall mounting using rear threaded inserts
Compact discreet design suitable for any decor
A perfect replacement for those tiny cube speakers
High-Performance Compact Loudspeakers
This versatile speaker will eliminate the typical response "hole" found in almost all compact home theater systems. This "hole" is caused by loudspeakers playing down to only 200hz while the subwoofer only plays up to 100hz, leaving a large audible gap in the response. This remarkable compact speaker has accurate tight bass down to 70Hz, while also providing a smooth and linear response with exceptionally wide room filling dispersion.