CMT-340 SEC Intro
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"The first thing I noticed was the mids. Voices sound so clear, and I might add - there is a realism to the voices that I have not heard on any speaker. I have auditioned many in the past. The voice sounds very natural from these speakers. I too noticed details that I had previously not noticed. For instance, "Sheryl Crow's "Weather Channel", you can hear her breathe in at the intro... you can hear the smack of her lips as she opens her mouth to sing the first line! I was amazed."
-Jerry L

Our design goals for our center were simple to detail yet difficult to achieve. We required linear and wide on- and off-axis response, natural sounding vocals, realistic dynamics with impact, and seamless integration with our left/right loudspeakers.

After 2 full years of intense engineering, we were finally ready to introduce a center channel accurate enough to call our own...

The heart of our new 340 SE center is its advanced bi-wireable crossover featuring EXBAC. EXBAC is our coined term for Extended Baffle Compensation, resulting in natural and full sounding vocals free of typical honkiness and thinness.

EXBAC Defined: the front baffle of a loudspeaker creates diffraction losses as longer (lower frequency) sound waves travel along the surface of the front baffle rather then beam forward. This creates problems because these lower frequencies (usually located in the critical midrange response) are 6dB down from the higher frequencies which beam forward. Placing a loudspeaker on top of a TV amplifies these problems by effectively increasing the size of the front baffle, thus creating an effect where vocals can sound nasal and thin. Our EXBAC circuit actually compensates from these losses resulting in an incredibly clean and natural sounding midrange, even when the speaker is placed atop a TV.

Furthermore, we used only the finest crossover materials including polyester-film bypass capacitors, air-core inductors and gold plated binding posts.

Crossover Network Featuring EXBAC

CMT-340 SEC Tweeter
Our new high-definition 27mm soft dome tweeter features a chambered magnet assembly and wide roll surround for extremely low distortion and a low resonant frequency. A ferrofluid cooled voice coil provides improved damping and higher power handling. These features combined with our specialized crossover and wide dispersion woofers greatly reduce off-axis lobing

In order to reproduce the intense dynamics needed for center channel reproduction, we used two of our 6.5" composite polygel woofers, further modified for proper impedance matching and cabinet volume.

For tight and deep bass, the 340 SEC features an internally flared rear port. The internal flare greatly reduces port noise.