CMT-340 SEC Intro
Home Theater Systems
"A superb center channel speaker offering crystal clear dialogue combined with a wide soundstage. And might I say exceptional impact, IMPACT! Special effects are incredibly realistic and truly hit you so you can feel them" -Randy K
CMT-340c High Performance Center Speaker Maximum Performance Center Channel

"Lead vocals through the CMT-340c are clear and natural, and are free of mid-range honk or thinness."-Felix Martinez, DVD Etc.

Perfectly timbre matched to our other models, this new center will add shockingly realistic dynamics combined with our already renowned vocal realism.

$298 each
$26 flat rate ground shipping
5 year warranty
30-day satisfaction guarantee
Hand assembled and tested in the USA
Linear response even when placed on a TV
High efficiency and high power handling
Incredibly detailed and smooth vocal reproduction
Features our unique EXBAC crossover optimization
Dual 6.5" Long throw composite polygel woofers
27mm wide dispersion soft dome tweeter
High flow internally flared rear port tube
Dense MDF cabinet featuring internal shelf bracing
Full magnetic shielding for safe placement on a TV
Based on our award winning CBM-170 technology
Bi-wireable crossover w/gold plated binding posts
CMT-340c High Performance Center Speaker
Over 2 years in development! Using all of the best features of our award-winning CBM-170 and optimizing them further for center channel duty, we feel we have created one of the world's most accurate and natural sounding centers regardless of price. Check out the impressive measurements actually taken with the speaker sitting on a 32" TV!