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CBM-170 SE Intro

"The Ascend [CBM-170] was the absolute model of clarity and precision, without sacrificing musicality."-Jeff Van Dyne, GoodSound

"During this face-off, I was sometimes startled by how well the Ascends held up against their much more expensive competition..."-Howard Ferstler, The Sensible Sound

CBM-170 SE SUMMARY...   
CBM-170 speaker The Results?

A True Breakthrough In Accurate Sound Reproduction!

CBM-170 speaker

Both the on- and off-axis frequency response measure so flat that this little gem exceeded our initial expectations and is suitable for professional studio monitoring.  This means that sound is reproduced almost exactly as it was recorded, making it ideal for audio and home theater usage. We promise that you will hear information hidden deep within even the most stubborn recordings.

Vocals sound clean, natural, and truly 3-dimensional.  The treble is detailed, smooth, and crisp yet pleasantly subtle.

Because we elected to focus on vocal accuracy and clarity, instead of unrealistic over emphasized bass (like most other speakers in this class,) bass is fast and tight, not boomy and muddy.  If you desire deeper bass extension, we recommend pairing the CBM-170 SE with a high-quality powered subwoofer.

Simply put, sit back, relax and listen as these speakers simply disappear deeper and deeper into the background as individual instruments and vocalists become more present and move closer into the foreground giving the listener a true sense of actually being there.